SIS - Social Innovative Students

The Challenge

This initiative came after noticing a lack of orientation and training programs in the field of entrepreneurship, academic and leadership skills for students in the region of Tata, Ouarzazate and Zagoura (especially in rural areas) that were supposed to fulfill their need. Thus, our initiative provides them with several opportunities that will highlight their way for better opportunities and stimulate their entrepreneurial skills and their creative thinking and strengthen their leadership skills

The Challenge

Targeted audience

High School Students

More than 700 students from 15 high schools in Ouarzazate, Tata and Zagora

University Students

127 students from Ibn Zohr University

The idea

Social Innovative Students Program (SIS) is a training program, organized in partnership with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), which aimed to create a generation of young entrepreneurs by introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to more than 800 high school and undergraduate students, besides to supporting them with tools, skills and expertise to develop their personal, academic and professional skills.

The solution




Developed Projects


Implemented Projects


Established Clubs

Project partners

Social Innovative Students
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